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Gokoku-ji (Gokoku Temple)

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Gokoku-ji (Gokoku Temple) is affiliated to the Koyasan Shingon sect and located in Wakasa, Naha City. The sango (honorific mountain name prefixed to a temple’s name) is Naminoue-san, and the honorific temple name is Sanko-in. The principal image is Sho Kanzeon Bosatsu (Kannon).

Basic information

900-0031 1-25-5 Wakasa Naha Okinawa
Business hours
Hours for visiting the main temple: 6:00 - 18:30.
Information desk: Open from 8:00 - 18:30.
Close day
Nothing in particular.
Access information
About a 16-minute walk from the Yui Rail Asahibashi Station.
Naha Bus
A 5-minute walk from the Nishinjo gate or Uenokura bus stop.

Additional Information

Academic information
Being designated by Ordinance No. 407 of the Home Department as a Shrine temple, Gokoku-ji (Gokoku Temple) is the oldest temple among any of the other temples still existing in Okinawa. Main events carried out at Gokoku Temple are annual festivals of the Spring and Fall Great Festivals, the June 23rd Memorial Service for the War-dead of the Battle of Okinawa, and the Memorial Service for the Souls of the Dead on August 15th, every year. In addition, the monthly observances on the 1st and 23rd of every month are held.