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It once was a very valuable water source for Naha because Naha had only salty water available.

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900-0027 18 Yamashita-cho Naha Okinawa
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About a 7-minute walk from the Yui Rail Onoyama Station.

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Academic information
Naha, once called "Ukishima" in the Ryukyu Kingdom era, only could obtain salt water even from the wells dug up. Because of this, people relied on the spring water of Utinda, which was located on the opposite shore, as drinking water. The water drawn from Utinda was carried to Ukishima by boat. It was a very important place during the Ryukyu Kingdom era because the kingdom government established a law that required to dispatch troops to Utinda to protect and secure the water source in case of emergencies such as a pirates' invasion into Naha Port.