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Kacha Garden

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Vacation house for the Ryukyu king.

Basic information

903-0815 2-9 Kinjo-cho Shuri Naha Okinawa
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Paid parking space is available in the neighborhood.
Access information
Take the "Yui Rail" from Naha Airport, get off at Shuri station. A 19-minute walk.
Take #4 or #15 bus, and get off at Ishidatami (cobbled path) bus stop. A 10-minute walk.

Additional Information

Academic information
The Ryukyu king's party, which visited Shikina-en from Shuri Castle, took a rest at Kacha garden, along the way. The King's companions and palanquin bearers took a rest at Hijaamo. (Now: Muraya, Kinjo town, Shuri).
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