Tourist attraction

Shikina Hill (Shichinanda)


Shikina hill is a steep hill from Kinjo bridge to Shikina. It used to be a stone-tiled street bordered with pine trees. It was part of the main road from Shuri to the Shimajiri area. Saka (hill) called hira, by name was “Shikina-bira”. Shikina hill is called “Shichinanohira”, “Shichinanda” or, “Shichinanda-bira” in the local dialect. Shikina Hill has a ghost story of a couple who committed suicide at the river. The ghost story is called “Shikinabira no Inenbi” (Grudges will-o’-the wisp of Shikinabira). It said their grudges turned into a will‐o’‐the‐wisp and is drifting around there.

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902-0071 4-21 Hantagawa Naha Okinawa
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Get off at the Ishidatami-mae bus stop.