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Saion Square


“Saion Square,” located in the Asato District along Kokusai-dori Street, was opened on July 8th, 2011. This facility was built under the “Naha City-wide-area improvement plan: Redevelopment project for the class 1 downtown of Makishi – Asato District,” which was established to deal with the flood-prone rivers of this area and with the overcrowded, dilapidated housing area. Also, with another objective of revitalizing Kokusai-dori Street, which once was called “the miracle mile,” the Saion Square houses such facilities as a shopping mall, a hotel, a community center, and a library. and visitors can also enjoy a planetarium at Makishi Ekimae Hoshizora Community Center. The Saion Square is named after Sai On, the statesman and civil engineer who lived during the Ryukyu Kingdom Era.

Basic information

902-0067 2-1 Asato Naha Okinawa The Saion Square
098-860-7440 (English is not supported) The Saion Square Management Association & Disaster-Prevention Center
Toll Parking is available.
Access information
Take the "Yui" Monorail and get off at Makishi station. About a 1-minute walk. About a minute walk from the Asato bus stop.