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From the Hotel “Palm royal Naha” on Kokusai Street, turn towards Tsuboya; then you will reach Sakurazaka-naka-Street. Sakurazaka-naka-Street is completely different from Kokusai Street; here, you will meet a mysterious and deep local night culture. There are a number of saloons, oden (Japanese stew) taverns, or long-standing pubs. Sakurazaka used to be a social-entertainment area for old men. Recently, young business owners are increasing in that area, and the old and new mixed atmosphere attracts many people. Sakurazaka-naka-Street intersects with Sakurazaka street, where there is a movie theater, live music house, and apparel pro-shops, making it look like the change of generation has advanced more than Sakurazaka-naka-Street.

Basic information

900-0013 Makishi Naha Okinawa
Access information
The road next to Tenbusu Naha is the entrance.