Tourist attraction

Ukishima Street


A one-way street from Sunrise Naha Shopping Arcade leading to Kokusai Street. A hotel called Ukishima Hotel, which was built right after the war, is the origin of this street’s name. By the way, Naha was commonly known as Ukishima in the Ryukyu dynasty era. Today, Naha is built on reclaimed ground. However, Naha was a small floating island in the bay in the Ryukyu dynasty era. The old and new are mixed on Ukishima street. There is a classical looking pharmacy, confectionery store, uniform store, and a doss house. These old facilities remind us of the Showa era. On the other hand, there are fashionable stores for the new generation as well. A shot bar, wine bar, Hawaiian shirts shop, second hand clothing store and other select shops are there too.

Basic information

900-0014 Matsuo Naha Okinawa
Access information
From Kokusai Street, enter the alley from the Lawson Kokusai-dori Matsuo store side.