Tourist attraction

Tsuboya Pottery Festival


Tsuboya Pottery Festival” is held at Tsuboya Elementary School to introduce the traditional craft “Tsuboya-yaki”. The festival puts on display items from the collections of the Tsuboya Pottery Museum, and also includes a pottery making experience corner (firing is charged), auctions, and potteries sold at discounted prices. Students from Tsuboya Elementary School also sell their own works, and conduct interviews with real ceramic artists. The festival also hosts a hatagashira (banner dance) performance by the Tsuboya Community Association’s Kahōkai, as well as a unique event, a kāmi sūbu, where potters compete in a relay race to see how fast they can complete a piece of work on a given theme.

Basic information

900-0013 Okinawa Naha Makishi 3-14-12
Tsuboya Elementary School
098-866-3284 Tsuboya Pottery Cooperative
Business hours
Every year at the end of November
Free admission
No Parking
Access information
1 minute from Makishi Station (Yui rail) and Makishi Bus stop