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Hometown Youth Eisa Dance Festival


The first Hometown Youth Eisa Dance Festival was held in 1964, the same year as the Tokyo Olympics was held. Since the fifteenth festival, the Child Eisa dance team started to attend; then since thirtieth festival, the New modern Eisa dance team started to attend, and it developed into a substantial festival. Especially since the seventeenth festival, the Ryukyu Broadcasting Company joined us as a sponsor, and TV broadcasting was started. This festival’s participating teams are attending from the remote islands as well. Now, it has become a big standard festival of Okinawa.
Place: Okinawa Cellular Stadium (former: Naha City Onoyama Baseball Stadium)

Basic information

900-0026 40-1 Onoyama-cho Naha Okinawa Onoyama Park
098-868-1756 Hometown Youth Eisa Dance Festival Executive Committee
There is free outdoor parking (more than 100 parking spaces).
Access information
Take the "Yui Rail" from Naha Airport and get off at Onoyama-kouen Station. A 5-minute walk. Get off at Tsubogawa station. A 3-minute walk.
A 5-minute walk from the Gunsanbashi-mae bus stop.