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Tomb of Cho Kenko


Cho Kenko is a naturalized Korean potter to the Ryukyu Kingdom.

Basic information

900-0026 1 Makishi Naha Okinawa
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About a 5-minute walk from the Yui Rail Miebashi station.

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Academic information
Also known as Ichiroku, Cho Kenko was one of the Korean ceramists brought to Satsuma (today’s Kagoshima Prefecture) at the time of Toyotomi Hideyoshi’s expedition to Korea. And in 1616, Ichiroku, Ikkan, and Sankan were invited to the Ryukyus to propagate ceramic techniques. Ikkan and Sankan later returned to Satsuma, but Ichiroku remained in the Ryukyus. He came to be called Nakachi Reishin, and was given a residence in Wakuta village (today’s Izumizaki district, Naha City), where he became the founder of the Wakuta kiln. Under the influence of China and Asia, pottery unique to Ryukyu began to be made. Cho Kenko (Ichiroku) formed a group of potters in Makishi, which later moved to Tsuboya.
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