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Uchina nu Utaki (Okinawa no Utaki)


Uchina nu Utaki (Okinawa no Utaki) is the former site of a religious facility and prayer site, which has another name, “Utaki”, in the Okinawan language. It is popularly called “Uchina nu Ugan” (Okinawa’s Prayer Site) by the Okinawan people.

Basic information

902-0067 1-8-20 Asato Naha Okinawa
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Access information
A 5-minute walk from the monorail Makishi Station.

Additional Information

Academic information
It is said in the “Ryukyu Yuraiki (The Records of the Origin of the Ryukyu's)” that a god named "Koba no miya ure uibe" is worshipped, and in olden days, the people of Asato Village came here to pray for a good catch from the sea and victory of Harii (Dragon boat races). In the place of worship of the big shrine, there are five incense burners altogether: two inside the latticed area and three outside.