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Tonogusuku no taki


It is called Kaminu-Utaki, and many sacred places of Kokuba village are enshrined collectively as an important Utaki (sacred place).

Basic information

902-0075 15 Kokuba Naha Okinawa Across from the Tokashiki apartment
Business hours
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Close day
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Two parking spaces for worshipers.
Access information
Approximately 2.8km from the "Yui Rail" Asato Station. About a 35-minute walk.
Take the bus route No. 6, or No. 12, or No. 18 and get off at Kokuba bus stop. About a 5-minute walk away.

Additional Information

Academic information
The top of the hill, which has lot of trees, along the Prefectural Road No. 46 is called Tonogusuku. There are big red-tiled buildings at the top of the stairs on the large property. There are nine Gods of Kokuba village that are enshrined collectively here. In the book of the “Ryukyukoku Yuraiki (The Records of the Origin of the Ryukyu Kingdom) (1713)”, the God's name “Oshiage Mori no Oibe” was written about this place. And four God’s of wells are enshrined with the incense burners at the side of the building. It was improved in 1992.
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