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Shinjo Gima’s Tomb


A great figure of the Kingdom who promoted development of Okinawan industry, such as potato cultivation and sugar refining.

Basic information

903-0814 4 Sakiyama-cho Shuri Naha Okinawa
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Access information
Take the "Yui Rail" from Naha Airport to Shuri station. A 19-minute walk from the station.
A 10-minute walk from Kinjo 4-chome bus stop on the No. 4 and 15 bus.

Additional Information

Academic information
Shinjo Gima was born in 1557, at Kakinohana (currently, Naha Naval Port). He promoted advancement of industry in Okinawa, such as sweet potato cultivation that Noguni Sokan brought from China, as well as cotton weave, and sugar-refining. His tomb was originally located in Sumiyoshi-cho but was transferred to this site after the war as the original site was converted into a U.S. Naval port.
Historic sites map of Shuri Mai (Rekishi Sansaku Map Shuri Ma-i), with commentaries (Kaisetsu-hen)