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Ameku-gu (Ameku Shrine)

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The origin of Ameku-gu is a man called Ouji who lived in Mekaru village who saw the deity Kumanogongen and, Benzaiten (Sarasvati) disappear in a small cave. He told that to the King’s vassal. After the investigation, the story was proved true and they built the shrine there.

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900-0012 3-19-3 Tomari Naha Okinawa
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Nothing in particular.
Parking is available.
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About an 18-minute walk from the Yui Rail Miebashi Station.

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Academic information
Ameku-gu is a shring located in Ameku, Naha city. Ameku-gu is one of the eight shrines of the Ryukyu which enshrins Kumano Gongen.
Heading North along a street by Tomari High School, you'll find a red torii (Shrine's red gate). The offering hall and, main shrine are at the bottom of stairs. The origin of Ameku-gu is a man called Ouji lived in Mekaru village happily every single day. One day, at dusk, a noble woman accompanied by a dignified monk came to Amekuno, from a mountain. They came to a small cave with a spring at the middle of the mountain. "Who is this?" Ouji asked; then the monk answered that he lived on the middle of the mountain, but this noble lady lives on the top of the mountain. Ouji wondered about them and told the story to the King's vassal. The king sent servents to the small cave to find out if it was true or not. They put incense there, and then lighted it naturally. They built a place of worship outside the small cave and enshrined it. Days later, they received an oracle message saying "My name is Kumanogongen. I manifested myself for the benefit of the people. And, the woman was Benzaiten for the nation". The original shrine was burned down during the Battle of Okinawa, in October, 1944. After the war it became a place of worship again. In 1972, the new shrine was built on the 20th of February of the lunar calendar.