Tourist attraction

Ippan’nuka (Ui~nuka)


One of Oroku village’s settlements Ga’s (communal well). It was primarily used by one of the Oroku district’s groups. Also known as Ui~nuka.

Basic information

901-0152 31-1 Oroku Naha Okinawa In front of the Nakamori House
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Access information
About 1.3km from the "Yui Rail" Onoyama-kouen Station. About a 17-minute walk.
Take the bus route No. 9, or No. 11, and get off at Daini-Oroku bus stop. About a 3-minute walk away.

Additional Information

Academic information
It was the Ka (well) a little higher up on the hill, so it was also called the Ui~nuka (upper well). The lid is firmly on the round well, made of concrete. An incense burner is placed on the back of the well.
Before the war, there were nine groups in the Oroku district (currently ten groups), and the well used by each group was different.
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