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Kushinuka and Sanskrit monument (Kushinuka to bonjihi)


Kushinuka is said to be the most sacred Ka (well) in Uebaru. There are two Sanskrit monuments there.

Basic information

901-0153 3-13-23 Uebaru Naha Okinawa Across the street from Maruzen Construction
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Access information
About 1.2km from "Yui Rail" Akamine Station. About a 15-minute walk.
Take the bus route No. 9, or No. 17, and get off at Uebaru 3-chome bus stop. About 4 minutes from there.

Additional Information

Academic information
A little bit below the Kashinuka is an Uriga (descending well) that surrounding residents would use as drinking water. It is currently covered with an inclined concrete; there is a wire mesh in the center, and water is not visible. Behind the well, there are 12 groups of stones lined up and on two of them is a Sanskrit monument. An incense burner has been placed in the center. At one time it is said that there were Sanskrit monuments in front of the well. On the second stone from the right, the Sanskrit character “Ban” representing Kongokai Dainichi Nyorai (金剛界大日如来) is largely engraved, and written on the fourth stone is the sutra of Komyo Shingon (光明真言).
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