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Shishi Matsuo (Shisa Ma Chu)


Shishis were propagated as a charm against evil all over Okinawa, and now it has become popular as a mascot. However, Shishi used to have the role of prevention of fire disasters by opening his/her big mouth, and placed at the gate of settlements. It is an interesting sacred place to visit, with new meaning and attention to the Shishi.

Basic information

900-0021 2-101-3 Izumizaki Naha Okinawa Next to Harbor View Condominium
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Access information
Get off at "Yui Rail" Tsubogawa Station. About a 6-minute walk.
Take the bus route No. 6, or No. 11, or No. 12, or No. 17, or No. 18 and get off at Nishi-Tsubogawa bus stop. About a 4-minute walk away.

Additional Information

Academic information
The location of lush pines was referred to as “Machu,” and this area used to be called Shishi Machu. There are stone Shishi and two incense burners at the top of 15 steps of stairs. The Shishi is about 80 cm tall, and was rebuilt after the war. Gajanbira (mosquito slope), (hill side area located south of Naha Military Port), made people fear it may be a fire hazard. That is why Shishi were placed to face the Gajanbira (mosquito slope) for prevention of fire disasters. And furthermore, this place was close to Wakita, which used to have ceramic kilns, so prevention of fire disasters was necessary.
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