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Bansho-in Temple

Temples and shrines

The former building of “Bansho-in”, with a 400-old year history dating from 1613, was destroyed by fire during the Battle of Okinawa. It has been gradually reconstructed since the postwar period. It has a Zen style garden “Karesansui (Japanese rock garden)” in which water is not used, located at the entrance-way. You hardly see this type of garden in Okinawa. Bansho-in Temple was one of the twelve pilgrimage Shuri temples (visiting twelve signs of the Chinese zodiac temples); however, they got out of the group in 1990. Their Dragon and Serpent – Fugen Bosatsu were transferred to Jigan-in Temple (Shuri Kannon-do Hall), and Hare – Monju Bosatsu was transferred to Sairaiin Temple (Daruma-ji Temple).

Basic information

903-0812 3-4-1 Tonokura-cho Shuri Naha Okinawa
098-884-5629 (English is not supported)
Business hours
9:00 - 18:00
Close day
Open all year
Varies, depending on content.
Parking is available.
Access information
An 8-minute walk from the monorail Shuri Station.