Tourist attraction

The Toju Temple ruins; the Dogwa Residence ruins

HistoryTemples and shrines

The public welfare facility of Kume Village was once housed in the Dogwa Residence.

Basic information

900-0033 2-18 Kume Naha Okinawa
Business hours
Nothing in particular.
Close day
Nothing in particular.
Access information
A 1-minute walk from the Shogyo Koko-mae bus stop. A 5-minute walk from the monorail Kencho-mae Station.

Additional Information

Academic information
Those small temple ruins are located near Fukushu-en (Fukushu botanical Garden Park). Because Toju Temple was a branch temple of Naminoue Gokoku Temple and another name of which was "Dogwa", the residence located near the temple was called the "Dogwa Residence". The Dogwa Residence was said to be a facility for helping Kume villagers (Kuninda) out of financial difficulties.