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Oh Hija


This hija was located near the Okinawa Prefectural Government Office Building (Kencho), in the center of Naha City. Tradition says that water flowing from Oh Hija was the second best-tasting water in the Ryukyus.

Basic information

900-0022 1-1-69 Higawa Naha Okinawa
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Nothing in particular.
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Nothing in particular.
Access information
A 2-minute walk from the Naha Koko-mae bus stop.

Additional Information

Academic information
Natural spring water from Oh Hija was praised by the Chinese investiture envoys, who were then visiting the Ryukyu Kingdom for King Sho Tei, as the second best-tasting water next to the water of Ryuhi in Shuri Castle. People lived around natural springs such as Oh Hija and water from springs were used for customs or rituals such as water for a new born baby's first bath, for a dying person, and for a purification ceremony. The spring dried up in about 2000, and then the stream on Seseragi Dori (Stream Street), the water of which was drawn from Oh Hija, also dried up, and ceased the sound of the running water. Seseragi Dori (Stream Street) was built in 1987 by the prefecture, Naha City and the Dori (Street) Association, and won the Ministry of Construction's "Locally Created Hometown Award."