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Remains of Legislative House


The place of Political activity of the Okinawan people when Okinawa was under the rule of the US government.

Basic information

900-0021 1-2 Izumisaki Naha Okinawa Okinawa Prefectural Office (Kencho) side
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Nothing in particular.
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Access information
A 4-minute walk from the monorail Kencho-mae Station.

Additional Information

Academic information
Designed by the representative architect, Ryutaro Oshiro. A legislative body of the Ryukyu government that was established in 1952 by the promulgation of "the establishment of the Ryukyu government" during US government administration. The Rippouin (legislative house) was completed in 1954 and became the center of the political activity of Okinawa for 38 years. This building was a symbol of Okinawa's public consensus, but it was torn down due to deterioration, in 1999. One pillar of Rippouin is displayed and stored at the Okinawa archives.