Tourist attraction

Tsuboya Yachimun Dori (Pottery Street) Festival


“Tsuboya Yachimun-dori Matsuri (Tsuboya Pottery Street Festival)” is a festival held at the Tsuboya Pottery Street. You can buy pottery at discount prices, have a hands-on experience on a potter’s wheel and try on Ryukyuan kimono. Not only the sale of pottery but also many other interesting events such as “Tsuboya Ma-i (Tsuboya walking tour)” that will give you a tour to the kilns and other historic sites, and the “Michi-junee (parade)” by various organizations are lined up in succession. Singing and dancing performances and other various events are also held simultaneously. You may enjoy going to the Tsuboya Pottery Street Festival which has a proud 330-year old history.

Basic information

902-0065 1 Tsuboya Naha Okinawa Tsuboya Yachimun Dori (Pottery Street)
098-866-6661 Tsuboya Yachimun Dori (Pottery Street) Organization
Business hours
Open 11:00 - 18:00
Close day
End of November.
Paid parking available.
Access information
Take the "Yui" Monorail from Naha Airport and get off at Makishi Station. About a 15-minute walk. By bus, get off at the Makishi Eki-mae bus stop.