Tourist attraction

Annya-mura remains


A hub for entertainers from Kyoto.

Basic information

903-0807 122-1 Kubagawa-cho Naha Okinawa Presently nearby the Shuri Ryubo.
Business hours
Nothing in particular.
Close day
Nothing in particular.
Access information
A 10-minute walk from the "Yui Rail" Gibo station.

Additional Information

Academic information
Chondara is an essential role in Eisa Okinawan folk dance. Chondara originally meant a strolling entertainer who performs from house to house. Chondara is written "京太郎" in Chinese characters, and as the characters indicate, they came from Kyoto. They were a group of performers who danced for benediction, danced Buddhist chants, and performed puppet shows in many parts of Okinawa. Their performance developed independently from the original style in Okinawa and eventually became Eisa and strolling entertainment. They resided at performers' villages located around Shuri Kubagawa. They based here to travel around so that their performances were widely known by people.