Tourist attraction

Karaga (Kara Well)


The well is at the root of a Banyan tree but people cannot touch it because of netting covering the well. There is a stone monument with an inscription that says “The birthplace of Tamagusuku Chokun.” It is said that “Ubinadi (giving a pat to a baby on the forehead)” was given to Tamagusuku Chokun when he was born. “Ubinadi” is some type of ritualistic ceremony for newborns in which water is drawn from a well or a river to prepare for a birth. And when a baby is born, a person in charge will wet her middle finger in the water and pat the baby on the forehead three times. This is to pray for the baby to grow healthy. Also, this well is equipped with a system to prevent water from overflowing, automatically sending the water to the river.

Basic information

903-0821 2-10 Gibo-cho Shuri Naha Okinawa
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About a 4-minute walk from the Yui Rail Gibo Station.