Tourist attraction

Bijutsu Mura (Nishimui Art Village)


This is an art village which has been the home of Okinawa’s representative artists after the war.

Basic information

903-0821 2-40 Akahira-cho Shuri Naha Okinawa
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Access information
An 8-minute walk from the monorail Gibo station.

Additional Information

Academic information
It is said that after the war, Nishimui Art Village was established in 1948 with support of the American people. Painters gathered from all over Okinawa, while making a living by creating paintings liked by the Americans, while they were engaged in creative and artistic activities of their own. Painters who become the center of the art village were Keiichi Yamamoto, Yasutaro Kinjo, Masayoshi Adaniya, Aijun Nadoyama, and Koya Oshiro.