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Tomari Ooamu Hinukan


This place of worship is associated with King Sho Toku (Shotokuou), who was the last King of the Ryukyu Kingdom’s first Sho Dynasty, and it enshrines (Hinukan), the God of Fire, in it.

Basic information

900-0012 1-38 Tomari Naha Okinawa In the Tomari-kita Park
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Nothing in particular.
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Access information
About an 11-minute walk from "Yui Rail" Miebashi Station.
Take the bus route No. 3, or No. 7, or No. 11, or No. 20 and get off at Nakanohashi bus stop. About a 4-minute walk away.

Additional Information

Academic information
In 1466, King Sho Toku (Shotokuou), the last King of the Ryukyu Kingdom’s first Shou Dynasty, went on an expedition to Kikai-jima, which is one of the Amami islands. When he returned, the wife of Soju Tomari greeted the King, (Shotokuou), and devoted fresh holy water to him. The King was moved and instituted Soju Tomari to be the first Jitō. Jitō managed manors including national holdings governed by the provincial governor. Then the King appointed Soju Tomari's wife to be a priest, called Tomari no Ooamu. This is the "Hinukan" that she enshrined. Before the war, it was close to Tomari Takahashi, but after the war, it was transferred to this park. The current shrine was rebuilt in 1958. The Kamado, oven, made of stone, is enshrined inside of it. Also enshrined next to the shrine is a round concrete well, and Totikun (the God of the Land that was introduced from China) written on a stone.
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