Tourist attraction

Agari Nuka (Uema)


This is one of the village Ga (communal wells) which supported the life of a community.

Basic information

902-0073 1-28 Uema Naha Okinawa At the bottom of a steep downward slope
Business hours
Nothing in particular.
Close day
Nothing in particular.
Access information
About 8 minutes by car after entering the Prefectural Route 222 from Yogi intersection.

Additional Information

Academic information
One of the communal wells in a village which supported the life of a community. The site is covered with a chain-link fence today. Around the spring is paved with stones to avoid catching dirt on feet. There are a large and a smaller well on the side. (Ga is not a river but a wellspring. Ga is mainly used as a public well which taps natural water from a spring.)