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Gushi Utaki


According to the book of “Ryukyukoku Yuraiki (The Records of the Origin of the Ryukyu Kingdom) (1713)” it is believed that the 「具志嶽の殿」(Gushitakinotun)may have been the ornate place of worship located within Utaki Park.

Basic information

901-0146 1-2 Gushi Naha Okinawa In the Utaki Park
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Access information
Approximately 1.4km from the "Yui Rail" Akamine Station. About an 18- minute walk.
Take the bus route No. 56, or No. 89 and get off at Takara bus stop. About a 4-minute walk away.

Additional Information

Academic information
In April 1995, the newly developed Utaki Park on top of a small hill is where the Gushi Utaki (sacred place) is located. A splendid red tile-roofed shrine was built in July 1993. Some incense burners are enshrined in the shrine. To the front left of the shrine, there is a Hinukan (fire god) of old stacked sandstone, and an incense burner is placed there. A stone and an incense burner have also been placed on the opposite side. Before the war, on June 25th of the lunar calendar, it was a venerable place where the Gushi tug of war festival was held.
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