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Yogi Park


The park located in this historic site has cherry blossoms, Indian coral trees (Erythrina variegata) and a D51 (Old steam loco motive) as sightseeing items in the park.

Basic information

902-0064 1-1 Yogi Naha Okinawa
098-951-3239 Naha City Hall Construction Management Department Park Management Division
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Access information
A 15-minute drive from Naha Airport.
A 3-minute walk from the Yogi Jujiro and Red Cross Hospital (Sekijuji Byoin-mae) bus stops.

Additional Information

Academic information
The park has a lot of greenery, is spacious, has plenty of playground equipment, and a baseball field. The prefecture's library and Naha Civic Hall are in the neighborhood. The park also displays a real steam locomotive D51. This D51 was donated to Okinawa to grant hope for the children who want a locomotive. Yogi Park used to be an agricultural experimental station, and Yogi station, as part of the light railway system, was near there. A representative poet of Okinawa, Baku Yamanokuchi's monument, in his honor, stands in the park. Yogi park is also well-known for as a famous spot for cherry blossoms and it has efflorescence tree of erythrina variegate, and the Indian coral tree (Deigo), which is the prefectural tree of Okinawa.