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Naha Giant Tug of War Festival


The festival that was known as the “Naha Festival” turned into the “Naha Oo Tsunahiki Matsuri” (Naha Giant Tug of War Festival), from 2011. This festival is held on the three-day weekend of the Sports Day, every October. On the first day of the event, various civil teams and the Preservation Society of Traditional Performances attend the “Civil Performance and Traditional Folk Performance Parade” on Kokusai Street. The second day has a Flag-Bearers Parade on Kokusai Street. Then, the main event of this festival, the Tug of War, is held on Route 58. Also, the RBC Civil Festival, in Naha, Oo Tsunahiki Matsuri, is held at Onoyama park for those three days. A Karaoke competition, stage performances and fireworks are also held there.Because of a typhoon, the Tug of War is held on October 19 in 2014

Basic information

900-0015 2 Kumoji Naha Okinawa Route 58 Kumoji intersection
098-866-4858 Naha Giant Tug of War Preservation Society
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Conducted at the Kumoji intersectionon the Route 58.