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Shuri Castle Festival, The Parade of Chinese envoys/Ceremony of Chinese envoys to the Ryukyu Kingdom

EventShuri Castle Park

In the Ryukyu Kingdom era, the enthronement ceremony of The Ryukyu Kingdom was assigned by the Chinese emperor and executed by Chinese envoys. The ceremony was called “Sappuu gishiki” and began in 1396 (period of Hokuzan king Han-anchi) or in 1404 (period of King Bunei). Since then, the ceremony continued almost 500 years until the period of the last king of Ryukyu, King Shou Tai. The Chinese delegation envoys consisted of officers, civil servants, flag-bearers and a musical band; about 400-500 people attended, and they paraded to Shuri Castle. This event is one of the two largest events of the Ryukyu Dynasty era. This event is revived in an annual “Shuri Castle festival” based on historical facts.

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903-0815 1-2 Kinjo-Cho Shuri Naha Okinawa Around Shuri Castle, or at Kokusai Street
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