Tourist attraction

Remote Islands Fair


This is one of events that publicizes attractiveness of the remote islands of Okinawa. In addition to the sale of local products and introduction of performing arts, many activities are planned, such as business distribution negotiations; the outer islands’ cities, towns and villages exhibitions in which 18 local municipalities on outer islands are introduced; outer islands’ restaurants where visitors can try the dishes unique to remote islands; remote islands’ photo exhibitions; and art exhibitions by school children of the outer islands. Furthermore, children from the remote islands, playing the role of ambassadors, provide a learning opportunity to children of the main island of Okinawa about the outer islands; and picture card plays in Okinawan dialect are shown to talk about the attractions not well known to outsiders. Some of the specialties that islanders are proud of are also auctioned off. Visitors can also get free postcards. You may become an expert on the remote islands just by attending the three day festival period!

Basic information

900-0026 42-1 Onoyama-machi Naha Okinawa Okinawa Cellular Park Naha
098-963-8191 Outer Islands Fair Planning & Execution Committee
Business hours
Open from 11:00 to 17:00. End of November.
Parking space is available (Temporary parking space and shuttle bus available).
Access information
Take the "Yui" Monorail from Naha Airport and get off at the Onoyama Park station. About a 6 minute walk. Or, by bus, get off at the Koueneki-mae bus stop.