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Naha Hari (Naha Dragonboat Race)


“Naha Hari” (Naha Dragonboat Race) is an annual event held at Naha Port and the New Naha Port Wharf, during the three-day holiday in May (Golden Week). It is the largest Dragonboat race in Okinawa. Originally, Harii holds the event on 4th of May of the lunar calendar. But Naha Harii holds it during Golden Week. This dragonboat race originated in China and came to Okinawa about 600 years ago. Dragonboat racers row the the Haryuu-sen (dragon boat) and compete for the Citizen’s Peace prize. Various events such as live music, folk song shows, Dragonboat Trial rides, and public teams’ boat races are part of the day. But the main event of this festival is the third day’s “Prayers Race”(ugan barii) and “Main Race.”(hon-barii).

Basic information

900-0001 1-16 Minato-machi Naha Okinawa Naha New Port Wharf
098-862-1442 Naha City Tourism Association
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10:00 - 21:00