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Seven graves


A craggy hill with a ghost story that a ghost bought candy for her child.

Basic information

900-0013 1-4-8 Makishi Naha Okinawa
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Access information
About a 7-minute walk from the Yui Rail Miebashi Station.

Additional Information

Academic information
This craggy hill near the Miebashi station is said to be haunted by a ghost. The hill is called "Nanatsuhaka" (seven graves) because seven tombs were found lined up. A long time ago, a woman often came to a store near the craggy hill to buy candies for her child. The owner of the store was surprized, because the money she paid Kabijin, fake bills used as a burial accessory. The next morning, he followed the woman. As she entered into a grave, he peeped inside. Surprisingly, a baby was eating the candy next to a dead mother. This ghost story explains the mother's unconditional love to her child.
Also, there is a street between the former Miebashi and, Sougen-ji bridge (Sougen-ji temple) called "Jikkuanjinume" (in front of Jikkuanji). A long time ago, a man left 10 Kan (Kan is an old currency) of coins on a rock. Then, five to six years later when he came back there, surprisingly, the coins were still on the rock. The story made people stared to call the rock "Jikkuanji" (means 10Kan place). Jikkuanji is a part of the seven grave's of the croggy hill. In addition, this croggy hill was written in the record of Chinese envoys as "Shichiseizan" (seven stars mountain).
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