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Moriguchi Park (giant trees: Indian coral tree, Banyan tree)

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Sanctuary area to worship the Utaki of Oroku called Tun.

Basic information

901-0152 81 Oroku Naha Okinawa
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About 10 car parking spaces.
Access information
Take the「Yui rail」 from the Naha airport and get off at the Onoyama-kouen station. For local bus (#17) get off at Tabaru Kyuyusho-mae and walk 15 minutes.

Additional Information

Academic information
There is a wood called (Kushinu Utaki・Kaniman Utaki) deep inside the park. The God’s name is Mikiyochi yamabeno goibe, which was worshipped by Oroku Noro (a priestess who is appointed by the king’s government and is responsible for the village rituals). Only the sacred people could go further inside the Tun. There were many old tombs called Ajishi in Utaki, and there are shards and shells from the castle, scattered about. The Tun commands a good view and has well-grown trees where the local people still have festivals and take good care of the area.
Rekishi Sansaku Map Oroku Ma-i, Kaisetsu-hen