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Naha City Museum of History

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Naha has nurtured its own culture as a result of its role as a population center, facilitating the exchange of goods and information since the time of Ryukyu Kingdom era. The museum aims to pass this cultural history on to future generations. The central theme shows how the culture is based on the succession of the national treasure Ryukyu Shou Dynasty Relevant Documents and the Yokouchi clan as known from historical records, the elites culture of the Kingdom, and the role of Naha as a royal and a prefectural capital. There are also special exhibitions on important historical events, and gallery talks are also held. Many books have been published by the Naha Museum.

Basic information

900-0015 Palette Kumoji 4th floor 1-1-1 Kumoji Naha Okinawa
Business hours
10:00 ~ 19:00
Close day
Adult ¥300
Senior high school and college student ¥200
Junior high school student and under ¥100
A group of 20 or more, Adult ¥240 Senior high school and college student ¥160
Junior high school and under ¥80
※ Free ticket to join Naha Machima-i (effective for a week after joining)
20% discount upon showing Monorail Free ride ticket (1 day ticket, 2 day ticket, 3 day ticket) (only for valid dates shown).
100 Underground paid parking spaces shared with the department store. ¥350 per hour. An additional ¥100 every 30 minutes afterwards.
Access information
Take the「Yui Rail」 and get off at Kencho-mae station. A 1-minute walk. For local bus, get off at the Palette kumoji-mae, Okinawa Honten-mae, or Kencho Kitaguchi bus stop. A 1-minute walk from each bus stop.

Additional Information

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