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Remains of the Oyamise Trading Office


Remains of Naha governmental office in Shuri Royal government time.

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900-0034 23-1 Higashimachi Naha Okinawa
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A 5-minute walk from the monorail Asahibashi station.

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Academic information
Here are the remains of Naha governmental office, during the time of the Shuri Royal government. Oyamise is recorded as the national warehouse on "Ryukyu national map" of "kaitou shokoku ki" (a record of Far-east countries and ocean) drawn by Koreans in mid 15th century. Therefore, Oyamise's establishment is thought to be before that. It is thought to have been a store that dealt with commodities from international trade by Royal government. When Shimazu invaded Ryukyu, in 1609, the capitulation conference has held there. There was a center of Naha and Ufumachi (Market) spread in front of Rou mon style gate (Rou-mon style consists of a second story gate with roof). In 1638, higher organization called "Naha-satonusho" was established and the organization managed civil administration of Higashi-village, Nishi-Village, Izumisaki-village and, Wakasa-village. When the clan prefecture system was abolished about ten people, such as Ufuyaku and other writers belonged as full-time workers. In 1876, it became the Okinawa branch of Kumamoto Chindai (former army) and, from 1884 to 1915 there was the Naha police department. Later on, it became the Yamagataya department store.
Naha City Museum of History