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One of the Utaki deified by Noro Shikina; it is called Agarinu Utaki.

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902-0078 4-12 Shikina Naha Okinawa In Higanoutaki-mae Park
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Take the "Yui Rail" from Naha Airport to Asato station. A 40-minute walk from the station.
A 10-minute walk from the Uema bus stop on the No. 2 and No. 3 bus.

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Academic information
Name of the God is Tengo Goibe, one of the Utaki deified by Noro Shikina. It is known familiarly as Agarinu Utaki today. People prayed 'Buunchokyu' ('May God prosper your arms.') here before sending soldiers off to battlefields during the war. A Kurasa (rice granary) used to be here as well.
Historic sites map of Mawashi Mai (Rekishi Sansaku Map Mawashi Ma-i), with commentaries (Kaisetsu-hen)