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Tomari Wharf Passenger Terminal (Tomarin)

Scenic spots

Tomarin is a nickname for the multiple passenger terminal building located in the port where the boats arrive and depart from and to Tokashiki, Zamami, Aguni, kume, and North/South Daito islands. Inside the building, there are ticket windows for each line, stores sell daily goods, souvenirs and clothing, an Okinawan cuisine restaurant and café, a convenience store, rental car shop, post office, and bank ATM. Also there is also a representative city hotel of Okinawa and company offices. The sunsets from the 2nd and 3rd floor deck and hotel guest rooms offer a stirring view with the color dyeing the Kerama Islands in each season. A spacious 24-hour parking lot with 600 car spaces is available. Adjacent to the building, an event deck and green area (small park) is equipped.

Basic information

900-0016 3-25-1 Maejima Naha Okinawa
098-861-3341 Tomari Wharf Development Co.
Business hours
7:00~19:00. Coin locker is available from 7:00~19:00, The seminar room is open from 9:00~17:00 (possible to extend)
Close day
Open all year
600 parking spaces. 24 hour service. Basic fee is ¥200 per hour. Discount for over 24 hours. ¥2,500 for 24h~36h. ¥3,000 for 36h~48h.
Access information
Take the「Yui Rail」 from the Naha airport and get off at Miebashi sation. A 10-minute walk. For buses (#21, #23, #26, #28, #110) get off at the Tomari Takahashi bus stop. An 8- minute walk.

Additional Information

エレベーター 車イス駐車場 車イス用トイレ スロープ
Tomarin HP