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Kushinu Utaki (Kaniman Utaki), Urukunutun

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This site is currently established as Moriguchi park, but it has been considered as a sacred place since ancient times.
Old graves and places to offer prayers are concentrated in the quiet forest. Kushinu Utaki is also called Kaniman Utaki. It is said that the residence of Kaniman Taiki Aji (lord) was on this site. He was the younger brother of the King Satto, who were Ryukyuan royal descendants of the 14th century.
In addition, Urukunutun is located on a hill that presently has festivals carried out, such as May Umachi (rice ear festival) and June Umachi (big rice festival).
Starting with the Urukunutun as the center, there are a number of places of worship of the paternal clan gather here.

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901-0152 81 Oroku Naha Okinawa In Moriguchi Park
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About a 7-minute walk from the Yui Rail Onoyama Station.