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The tomb of the shipwrecked Ryukyuans killed on Taiwanese soil

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900-0031 1-25-5 Wakasa Naha Okinawa Gokoku-ji (temple)
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About a 16-minute walk from the Yui Rail Asahibashi Station.
Naha Bus
A 5-minute walk from the Nishinjo gate or the Uenokura bus stop.

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Academic information
Four ships from Miyako and the Yaeyama islands were returning home from a voyage that took them to pay taxes to the Ryukyu Kingdom Government. One of the ships was overtaken by a typhoon in the sea of Taiwan on October 18th, 1871. The ship was shipwrecked on the shore of Taiwan. 66 crew members landed, but 54 of them were killed by the Taiwan natives. This incident is called "Mudan Incident". Japanese government fiercely protest against the Qing Dynasty about the incident. However, China did not take any action, with the excuse that the Taiwan natives were not the people of the dynasty. This response led the Japanese government to dispatch military troops to Taiwan in 1874.
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