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Majikina Alley

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The origin of this alley is a man called Majikina who paid the expense of the pavement for this alley, a long time ago. Still, the old stone-paved road of the Ryukyu Kingdom era exists under the pavement. The King of the Ryukyu’s used this road to visit Shikina-en.

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903-0826 1-23 Samukawa-cho Shuri Naha Okinawa There is a Shiohira Japanese Zither (Koto) school across from the slope's entrance.
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Access information
Take the "Yui Rail" from Naha Airport, get off at Shuri station. A 27-minute walk.
Take #5 or #14 bus, and get off at the Samukawa bus stop. A 5-minute walk.

Additional Information

Historic explorer's map World heritage ma-i (Rekishi Sansaku Map Sekai Isan Ma-i)