Tourist attraction

Banjoga (Well at the Guard House)


This well was located at the guard house where the Ryukyu Kingdom government officials stayed. It is well-known for a wish-fulfilling god being enshrined.

Basic information

902-0065 1-9-1 Tsuboya Naha Okinawa Tsuboya Pottery Center Building Entrance.
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Nothing in particular.
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Access information
A 5-minute walk from the Mitsukoshi-mae bus stop.
A 5 minute walk from the Tsuboya bus stop.

Additional Information

Academic information
This place is the ruins of the community well where the guard house for the Ryukyu Kingdom government officials who stayed to rule this area once stood. Not only the officials but also people in the neighborhood used the well as drinking water. Because it is known for a wish-fulfilling god being enshrined, even today, there are many local visitors as well as from other parts of the Okinawa main island coming here to offer prayers.