Tourist attraction

Remains of Kohagura horse-back riding grounds

Historic sites

This site used to be the horse-racing track. Races were held once a month and competed for the beauty of horses’ steps, not the speed. Miyako ponies were used for the competition. A life-size statue of the Miyako pony, whose size is measured from old photographs, is set up. You will be surprised how small the Miyako pony is. There used to be big pine trees along the street back in olden days. The street was about 10m wide and 200m long, and pine trees were as big as three adults cannot hold with outstretched arms. Banyan trees are planted on the site now. The site is maintained as a Naha city’s landscape resource.

Basic information

900-0023 2-1-1 Sobe Naha Okinawa
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Nothing in particular.
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Access information
About a 12-minute walk from the Yui Rail Tsubogawa Station.