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Statue of Confucius


The Statue of Confucius was given to the Kume Confucianist Association by the city of Taipei when the Shiseibyō Temple was rebuilt in Wakasa in 1975. The statue was erected on the spot where the orginial Shiseibyō stood before WWII. It is surrounded by office buildings along National Route 58.
The Kume Shiseibyō was founded in 1676 to honor Confucius. In 1718, politician and educator Tei Sokujun built the Meirindō, first school in the Ryūkyū Kingdom history, on the temple premises. Both temple and school were destroyed in the 1945 Battle of Okinawa. They are commemorated by a stele next to the statue, just off the grounds of the Naha Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

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900-0033 2-2-10 Kume Naha Okinawa
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About a 5-minute walk from the monorail Kencho-mae Station.