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The birthplace of Ryouku Yonabaru


The Birth Place of Ryouku Yonabaru of the Sanshikan (Council of Three), of the Ryukyu Kingdom era.

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903-0821 3-14 Gibo-cho Shuri Naha Okinawa
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Under the Yui Rail station Gibo, below the north exit,
there is a guide sign along the road.

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The Birth Place of Ryouku Yonabaru of the Sanshikan (Council of Three), of the Ryukyu Kingdom era.
Yonabaru Family is a branch of the Bauji Oroku Donchi, also having ancestral ties with Baryosen Ufu Uekata Ryoken, and were lords of Osato village as medieval land stewards. Ryoku Yonabaru, Ryoukyo, Ryoketsu Yonabaru and nine other children were all members of the Sanshikan (Council of Three) from the end of Kingdom era, and came from this prestigious family.
Ryouku Yonabaru, born in 1718, came from a distinguished family of the Ryukyu Kingdom that produced altogether 9 state ministers. His Chinese name was Ma Guo Chi, and he served as chief envoy of a tribute-bearing party going to China in 1762 and is reported to have traveled to Kagoshima in 1765. In 1769, he was appointed to the Sanshikan (Council of Three), where he served as state minister for 28 years until he resigned. While he was Sanshinkan, he participated editing the king's criminal law book, "Ryukyu Karitsu" (Ryukyu law ). He died, at age 80, in 1797.
He is said to have been a person of moral integrity, and in consideration of his many instructive songs in the Ryukyu style that have been passed down, Ryouku Yonabaru was afterwards called Kunshi oyakata (approx. “honorable master”). His Japanese-style poetry is also noteworthy, and he is counted among the 36 great poets of the kingdom.
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