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The birthplace of Choshu Haneji


The birthplace of Choshu Haneji, a politician of the Ryukyu Kingdom era.

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903-0823 1-41 Onaka-cho Shuri Naha Okinawa
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A 5-minute walk from the Tobaru bus stop.

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Here is the birthplace of Choshu Haneji, a politician of the Ryukyu Kingdom era.
The Hanejis was a prestigious family owned Hanejimagiri. (present: Haneji, Nago City) The Hanejis was a branch family of The Oroku uduns. The Oroku uduns founder was the Urasoe Prince Choman. Prince Choman was the first son of the third king Shoshin of The second Sho Royal descendants.
Haneji was born in 1617 and used the name Sho Shoken when dealing with China.
In 1650, King Sho Shitsu charged him with the compilation of the first factual history of the kingdom “Chuzan Seikan”. He often went to Kagoshima and made an effort to build a relationship of trust. In 1666, he assumed the office of prime minister, the highest civil office in the kingdom, which he held for 7 years, until his resignation in 1673.
His administrative measures during this time covered a wide range, from streamlining the administrative office of the kingdom, advancing agricultural production, and regulating various religious festivals, to changes related to the economy and society in general. The documents pertaining to his work have been collected into what is known as the Haneji-shioki (The Directives of Haneji) and was the administrative framework of the kingdom, even after his death. In 1675, Choshu Haneji died when he was 59 years old.
His tomb is located on a hill in Taira, Shuri, and his gravestone was built by the Okinawa Shiseki Hozonkai (Okinawan preservation society of historical sites) in 1922.
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