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Sekkou Chinen’s Gravestone


A very talented musician of Ryukyu classical music.

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902-0071 4-11-20 Hantagawa Naha Okinawa Inside of Shikina Memorial Park. Shinkanuchamai's stele is at the entrance of the park on the left side.
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Take the "Yui Rail" from Naha Airport, get off at Shuri station. A 40-minute walk.
Take #5 or #14 bus, get off at Shikina Garden (Shikina-en) bus stop. A 10-minute walk.

Additional Information

Academic information
Sekkou Chinen was a farmer, born in 1761, at Tobaru village, Shuri. He was talented in singing and Sanshin (an Okinawan musical instrument and precursor of the Japanese shamisen. Often likened to a banjo, it consists of a snakeskin-covered body, neck and three strings). He performed with nobles for Chinese envoys. (Farmer and Noble were the only two social positions that existed in the Ryukyu dynasty era). Later, his social position became higher. Seigen Afuso, the founder of Afuso-ryu (Afuso method) and, Anchou Nomura, the founder of Nomura-ryu (Nomura method) were Sekkou Chinen's pupils.
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