Tourist attraction

Okiei Boulevard


The Boulevard is an important access route from Kokusai street’s Starbucks to Miebashi station and connects to the Route 58. The origin of the Okiei Boulvard’s name is from a movie theater called “Okiei-honkan”(Okiei main building) which stood on this boulevard. In the past, Dainaha (Daiei Naha) was a landmark of Okiei Boulvard. However, it turned into the JUNKDO bookstore, which is there now. There aren’t really any famous sightseeing places in particular, other than the Shisa Museum. There are Royal poinciana trees, which create good shade on the street, making it a nice place for a walk.

Basic information

900-0013 Makishi Naha Okinawa
Access information
Kokusai Street, the street opposite the entrance to the Makishi public market.