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Remains of the Satsuma Government Office


The Satsuma clan of Japan maintained a local office charged with governing Ryukyu.

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900-0036 1-2-16 Nishi Naha Okinawa
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A 5-minute walk from the monorail Asahibashi station.

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Academic information
This area is known as Zaibankaiya (在番仮屋) and, Ufukaiya (大仮屋). After Shimazu's Ryukyu invasion in 1609, the Satsuma Clan established this office as their governmental office's branch, in 1628. Since then, the office became the base of Ryukyu domination for 250 years, until 1872.

About 20 people, such as the Supplementary magistrate, worked here full-time. They managed vital governmental duties as well as trading business between Satsuma and Ryukyu. After establishment of the Ryukyu clan in 1872, the office became the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Branch of the Home Office; after Okinawa Prefecture was established in 1879 (when the clan system was abolished in favor of the prefectural government), this area became a temporary prefectural office. In 1881, this area became the official Prefectural Office and center of prefectural government, until it was moved to Izumisaki (present location), in 1920. The street right front of the office was spoken as "Michinu churasaya Kariyanu mae" (Meaning: the street front of Kariya is beautiful); also, Naha-Yona-town's tug of war was held on this street.
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